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    Member Benefits

    NECA contractors are recognized within the construction industry as leaders in electrical construction, telecommunications, and renewable energy installations. NECA offers a range of services to ensure our contractors are the most enlightened when it comes to technology trends, installation techniques, safety procedures, project management and business procedures. When you join the Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA here are just a few of the benefits:

    Timely Industry News
    Contractor 101 Training
    Electrical Contracting Mentoring Programs
    Advanced Management Education 
    Electrical Industry Research
    Technology Trends
    Project Management and Supervisory Training
    Contract Documents and Construction Law Education
    Unemployment Claims and Tax Management Service 
    Material Safety Sheets on Demand Service
    Safety Services
    On-Line OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour Training Incentives 
    Electrical Code Updates 
    Membership in Electrical Inspectors Association
    Membership local league of electrical suppliers, utilities, & contractors
    Sponsorship For National Legislative Conference
    Illinois General Assembly Representation on key issues 
    National Convention and Regional Conference sponsorships
    A network comprised of the leading companies in the industry
    Complimentary attendance at Summer retreat and training session
    Special Products and Services Discount for NECA Members

    Join NECA Northeastern Illinois Chapter
    Membership in the National Electrical Contractors Association, Northeastern Illinois Chapter is avialable to businesses engaged in “electrical contracting” as defined by NECA bylaws, having a permanently established business in the area served by the association.
    To apply to the Northeastern Illinois Chapter NECA, please contact

    Executive Director

    via email, or
    call 630-876-5360.


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    NECA Partners

    Valued NECA Partners

    Within the $130 billion dollar electrical construction industry, the partnership programs with NECA have been a great way to add value between industry vendors and the electrical contractors serving customers who need electrical energy systems.