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The Power of Quality-The Energy of Expertise

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Quality still counts. Customers need more than a system that appears to function. A correctly designed and intalled system will pay for itself through reliability, uniterupted service and safety.

Student Chapters Recognize The Future

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NECA has built a solid network of talent by tapping into the potential of students who are studying disciplines related to the business of electrical design, contracting and management in leading colleges and univeristies. Here in Northeastern Illinois, NECA has established an N.I.U. Student Chapter that is sure to bring electrical talent to and industry that  lives and thrives by customer satisfaction.

NECA Members Tool Management Tips

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Of course Contractors depend on having the right tools for their trained personnel to use in order to deliver a professional installation or to service an existing customer. So what are the best methods to use in order to track and manage these tools in the most efficient and effective manner?
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